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Variable Speed, Table Top, and Floor Models

We offer a full line of products.  Click on the unit you need.
ST 120 Skeleton Turners - Integrate the mechanical functionality into your own design.  Available with a light option.  Capacities up to 150 Pounds.
MB 110 Motor Boxes - Choose your weight needs up to 150 Pounds.
TT 105/8 Turntables - Capacities up to 150 Pounds and tops of various sizes and materials.
TT 105/8E Motor Boxes and Turntables with Rotating Electrical Outlet - Add the functionality of rotating electric to your turntable.  Up to 8 amp output.  No worries about tangled cords!
Variable Speed Variable Speed - Capacities up to 50 Pounds, speed and direction control.
TT 120/17 - TS8/12 Tiered Units- Great for displaying multiple items.  Two to four level tiers with capacities up to 150 Pounds.


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